What To Know About Hosting Your Server On The Cloud?

An overall understanding about how to host your website might be very useful in helping you determine how to use the website more effectively. Most of the web hosting servers, you would encounter in the market, are either Windows based or Linux based.However, while this might seem not be an important matter, knowing the broad distinctions between the two could lead to better outlining your specific needs and coming to a critical decision making point where you are informed well about which operating system to choose.

There are a lot of web hosting plans available in the market with basic packages to advanced ones. For those of you who are looking for basic packages because you might be just starting off or do not really required an advanced package at the present stage, you may come across a plethora of options available across the internet. If you are into the web business domain for quite some time and use your website rigorously for advanced or other commercial purposes, cloud hosting could be a good option. A good hosting plan from the right service provider can ensure you enjoy a superior quality of service as compared to several other options available in the market. In this article, we highlight some of the important aspects of having your servers on the cloud.

Reduction in downtime

Be it that you are using a dedicated or a shared server for your website, having it cloud based minimizes the likelihood of persistent downtimes and latency. The reason why this is critical is because a latent server could cause a significant loss even if the server gets affected for sometime not allowing its consumers to be able to access the website, especially when talking about ecommerce. A server with persistent commitment about uptime relieves you of the stress and allows you to focus on more important business areas.

No worries about storage

Generally storage space remains a concern for many while choosing the right servers. A server with higher space allocations would cost more and hence it is critical to evaluate the requirement and go ahead with a package accordingly. The best part about cloud storage is that it does not have a single dedicated physical server to work with but in fact draws resources, such as disk space, virtually from a large network of servers.


Typically having a website hosted on the cloud server minimizes the likelihood of potential failures by eliminating the chances of the server crashing. A website on the cloud is much more reliable because it firstly operates on a large network of distributed servers and not one physical host server thereby reducing the risks of a data loss in the unlikely event of a crash also.

High performance

Needless to mention, cloud hosted websites are much more powerful in terms of performance. The high performance comes from the very fact that it is a computing technology guided by the principles of shared hosting.

A cloud server is what you ideally would like to have for your website given the multi benefits you can gain from it; however, it is worth examining the requirements of your website, the scale of operation needed and a cost benefit analysis to determine how critical a cloud server is in your situation.


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