Stanhope Seta: What They Do

Stanhope Seta are designers and manufacturers of the highest quality petroleum test equipment and quality control instruments which are used to measure the physical characteristics which determine the quality and consistency of products. These laboratory instruments are used in a wide range of industries on a daily basis.


Stanhope Seta has over the past fifty years established a great reputation for the supply of petroleum test instruments with advanced capabilities, accuracy and reliability. Stanhope Seta is now therefore a worldwide benchmark for many quality measurements. With a growing need for their instruments the Stanhope Seta range now includes over 100 products, meaning that they offer products suitable for people and companies of a vast variety.  Some of the most popular instruments offered by the company include flashpoint testers, oil test configures and vapour pressure testers. Some of the main industries in which the company assist include petrochemical, pharmaceutical, confectionary, cosmetics and plastics.


One of the greatest things about Stanhope Seta is the global service guarantee in which they offer. Absolutely all Stanhope Seta quality control instruments are 100{170d9a0efb6a2f7deca7c94613f8488b4f2b83ea54eaa5205c4c9ceed5912759} supported by their global service guarantee that thoroughly ensures that friendly technology support, service and spare parts are readily available at any given time. Stanhope Seta has a number of fabulous representatives across the world which are all qualified above and beyond to ensure that all people purchasing Stanhope Seta products receive the highest and greatest service standards and more.


Stanhope Seta is renowned throughout the petroleum test equipment industry for being 100{170d9a0efb6a2f7deca7c94613f8488b4f2b83ea54eaa5205c4c9ceed5912759} committed to developing innovative new equipment and solutions to present to people. They are able to because of this meet the ever changing demands of customers whilst providing precise levels of product quality analysis.

Actively involved in major national and international standardisation bodies such as ASTM, IP, ISO, BSI and DIN, Stanhope Seta work very closely with their leading customers  to provide greater services and equipment at all times.

More Information

If you would like to discover more information and details regarding Stanhope Seta all you need to do is visit their leading website today, where you should be able to easily find eveyrthi8ng that you are looking for. In addition to this, you could visit the website of one of their representatives such as Mindex whom will be able to assist you equally as greatly. Last but not least, if you have any questions which you would like answering don’t hesitate to leave your comments below and see if any of our other readers can assist you.


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