Some of the Most Reliable Keep Tube Alternatives on Mac

Keep Tube is quite a great web-service where you can quickly download videos from video sharing websites like Megavideo, YouTube, Spike, Facebook, Metacafe etc. Those people who wish to only download soundtracks and not the whole video, should get the best results from Keep Tube. No doubt, it does a fine job however if you have used it in the past, you would understand that it holds a room for improvement. You sure would want to look through a few Keep tube alternatives mac while the developers are working on Keep Tube and come out with plausible results.

When it comes to trusting some popular and reliable video downloading software you sure can trust Elmedia Player PRO, Airy, Folx PRO are the top Keep tube alternatives for Mac.

Airy – come out being the best in this case

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We will surely count in Airy from the list, as it’s the best one possible. The formats which it provides when you want to download videos from YouTube are FLV, MP4 and 3GPand for audio tracks the format is MP3. The great part is, it can at a go download the whole playlists as well as the whole videos of a YouTube channel, without any problem whatsoever.

The way in which you can effectively use Airy has been mentioned below:

Get the app downloaded and installed. You will be able to download two videos from the free version available.  If you want to continue downloading more videos, you will have to upgrade to the paid version.

Copy the link of the channel, video or the playlist, which you want to download. Then you need to paste it in Airy.

Pick out the format you want and then click on the option ‘Download’.

The folder named Downloads folder is the default destination for the files that are being downloaded. Yet, if you want you can very well change this option.

Elmedia Player PRO

One of the other popular players for Mac is the Elmedia Player. It can seamlessly support a flotilla of media formats and also comes with tons of functional features such as managing and creating a playlist. When you upgrade to the PRO Pack, it will work quite much as close to the Keep tube on Mac. This means you can download videos from YouTube as well as a repertoire of video hosting sites such as Yahoo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc. More so, in the .srt format it will help you to download subtitles too.

How will you download the YouTube video with the help of Elmedia PRO

Download the software Elmedia, and once you have done it install it. Then you should activate the PRO pack.

Move to the Main menu and then go to the browser mode.

You need to copy and paste the YouTube link and click on the option, ‘Enter’.

A number of downloadable resources will be presented before you. You need to select what you want and then download it.

You can set the file destination as per your preference; though it will go to the Downloads folder by default.


This is a popular Safari extension which will help to replace the default player for YouTube videos. You will be able to enhance and progress your watching experience since it has several options available such as changing resolutions, volume control, etc.


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