Smart Ways To Convert Mobile Web Visitors Into App Users

One of the most common mistake that developers do is launching a mobile app without building a decent web presence, landing pages. Although mobile first trend dominates the digital landscape, number of desktop users is still providing a substantial traffic for mobile app owners. Thus, here are some smart ways to make the most of web traffic for your mobile app by designing a perfect app landing page.   

Well Placed App Store Buttons

It is a no brainer issue but when designing a landing page, it is crucial to insert buttons that direct visitors to your app’s app store page. Also, visibility and place of these buttons is very important to maximize the experience of users. So, make regular A/B tests to your mobile app landing page for better discoverability.

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Text To Download Tactic

One of the most efficient tactic for converting desktop users into a app users is including “send me the app” buttons which is sending a link to visitors’ mobile phone or e-mail address to install the app. However, this tactic is requiring personal information of visitors like mobile phone number of user or e-mail address. Some users may don’t want to give their phone number so provide them two option together to increase the chance of website conversion by sending the app.

Using Retargeting Advertising

One of the biggest advantage of desktop towards mobile is that you can access users’ cookies by getting their permission. Big internet companies like Google and Facebook use customer cookies to create user profile data for better targeted advertising. Retargeting advertising tactic allows app owners to advertise their app to their dormant users or potential new ones when they are browsing on the web environment. Main reason for app owners to use mobile app retargeting is that to increase engagement and acquire high quality users. This advertising method is very efficient way to convert web traffic to loyal app users.

Clear Call-to Action Texts & Buttons

Key elements of perfect mobile app landing page are a tempting Call-to-Action message and well-placed visible buttons as mentioned in first lines. Call to action message is very definitive factor for users to make the download decision. It should be short and clear enough to show your app’s best feature in one sentence.

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