Shredding Holds The Key To Your Security

In today’s society, being hacked isn’t an unusual fear. It happened to the US election, after all.

It may be an example on a large scale, but many people in Toronto, North America, and the world at large are afraid of their personal information being released and used against their will. The corporate world has just as much responsibility as the individual to keep this kind of information safe. Policies have to be put in place to ensure any private information collected from customers has to stored, used, and disposed of correctly.

In Canada, there are laws to ensure those companies that fail to do so will face penalties, but small chinks within a security policy can accidentally lead to releasing this information, compromising customers, and facing legal action.

To make sure your security is up to snuff, it’s important you speak with the document destruction experts in Toronto. These fully bonded, trained, and licenced individuals are knowledgeable of the law and the best methods of disposal.

On-site paper shredding companies like Absolute Destruction have a NAID-membership. Short for the National Association for Information Destruction, this third-party organization ensures the shredding technicians, process, and equipment are up to industry standards.It also ensures the service will be handled by people who are not only experienced but thoroughly trained in how to deal with customers in a courteous manner.

When you can confirm a professional has this membership, you can trust your paper and electronic files are destroyed completely so criminals have no chance of retrieving the data to open fraudulent accounts under false names. This is in accordance with what PIPEDA (Personal information Protection and Electronic Data Act) outlines when discussing appropriate disposal measures, as shredding with NAID professionals ensures career criminals cannot locate and retrieve these files. It also ensures healthcare organizations are in accordance with (PHIPA) Personal Health information Protection Act, which prohibits the unsecured collection, storage, or disposal of personal information.

Recycling alone will not protect your company. In today’s world, individual and company information is at risk if the appropriate counter measures aren’t in place. Don’t get caught exposing your customers to potential identity theft. It will only lead to legal battles that will affect your reputation and bottom dollar. Use a document shredding Toronto business owners trust to help. They offer a secure method of disposing obsolete files, letting you stay within the letter of the law when you clear out old documents. It’s the first step to eliminating theft from your future.


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