MLtek Archiver.FS Has the Largest Database of Users

This is about the archiving software for moving old files to second line storage. This features NTFS from beginning to the end; there is no proprietary storage and no agents. Archiver.FS is a reliable, simple, and extremely cost effective method to move old content from servers to 2nd line storage. What is more, unlike other archiving solutions it does not try to be just a pseudo-document system of management.

Questions to answer:

Do you have a spare SAN/NAS device that you would like to use as storage for all your older files?

Do you need to implement a file lifecycle solution, but do not have a place to move these older files?

Do you needing a way to move all of your old files to the cloud?

If you can answer yes to any of the above 3 questions then MLtek Archiver.FS – Archiving software for Windows file servers is what you are looking for.

  • Enables the archiving of files from any UNC pathway to any other UNC pathway, using a range of criteria including file size, age and type;
  • NTFS flat files/folders are used from start to finish, at no point are any files metadata stored in a database;
  • Supports install on all Windows version from 2003 server onward, including 2016 and Window storage server;
  • Established product already has a significant user base. Used with many companies big and small;
  • Daily Unique Maintenance Job that returns all recently used files back to the live file system;
  • Perpetual and subscription licenses available.

Archiver.FS is not weighted down with reporting engines that are complicated, proprietary storage mechanisms or search tasks.

Significant user base

This product is already established having a significant user base and is used with a large number of organizations around the world. It is used by multi-billion dollar financial organizations, to contractors for the military, local law departments and health authorities both large and small. These are located in 40 countries around the world.


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