LibertyVPS Review – Why Choose this Offshore VPS Solution?

Are you looking for a scalable and affordable offshore VPS hosting provider? Haven’t found a good one yet even after the long search? If not then we have the best one reviewed for you. LibertyVPS, a free speech hosting provider can be the amazing VPS hosting solution for you. If you are looking to setup a new business site then going with the VPS can be the best choice. And when the VPS is offshore, you surely can’t expect better than this. LibertyVPS review has been summarized below and the major highlights have been described below. Give a quick read and explore about some of the most exaggerating features of this VPS hosting provider.

LibertyVPS – Why Choose it?

The LibertyVPS is surely one of the best offshore VPS hosting providers on the internet in the present day. There are plenty of reasons that will force you to go with this popular offshore VPS hosting solution. Some of them are listed below:

Strict Towards Overselling

The user’s profit is the first priority of LibertyVPS. It doesn’t oversell its services just to make few extra pennies and trouble the users. The customers buying its hosting plans can stay assured about getting the best services. The server space is not oversold. This makes sure that your website loads faster and the maximum resources stay allocated to single user. The performance is maximized thoroughly.


If you are going with a VPS server, it is definite that you will have higher expectations with the speed. The VPS servers of LibertyVPS are capable of delivering the maximum speed of 1 Gigabit. You can easily utilize the server for high bandwidth usages. Its servers will never disappoint you.


LibertyVPS servers are reliable as well. You can hardly notice any downtime as LibertyVPS guarantees to provide 99.99percent server uptime. Moreover, the servers are efficient and your site will ad at ripening fast speeds.

Reasonable Cost

VPS were costlier in the early days. But now, a number of companies are provider VPS solutions at affordable pricing. LibertyVPS is one of them. It provides all its offshore VPS plans are reasonably low price. The packages are designed nicely to suit the needs of every user.

The SolusVM Control Panel

A control panel is necessary to handle the complex tasks at server end. LibertyVPS servers come enabled with SolusVM control panel. Even a novice can handle the complex tasks easily using this control panel by SolusVM. It can also be replaced with other control panels available in the market.

The Instant Setup

After making the payments, you would have to face no difficulty in setting up your VPS server. Once payments are made, the VPS server will be installed for you and the root access details will be sent to your mail id. You can configure the server according to your necessity.

KVM Virtualization

KVM virtualization technology is one of the best technologies that ensure that you are able to utilize every resource allocated to you on the VPS server. Your resources will not be shared with other VPS plans running on the server.

Offshore VPS Hosting

There are only few web hosting companies that provide you offshore VPS solutions and LibertyVPS is one of them. The offshore hosting assures you against the data leakage. Your data is kept totally private and even the government interference is not abided. This is the reason why the servers are located in free speech country – Netherlands.

Privacy & Security

The personal information and other vital data of the user are not leaked. The users who worry a lot about the data privacy can blindly trust LibertyVPS. It has strict terms for maintaining the user privacy. The data transfer taking place from the server is totally encrypted so that no one can see what data is transferred. The advanced security algorithms prevent any data theft and malicious attacks.

Extra-Ordinary Customer Support

LibertyVPS has its knowledgebase to help you out with the queries. But if your queries are not solved at the knowledgebase, you can contact the customer care executives via phone, email, or through live chat option. They are there for you 24×7. Your queries are answered with urgency.

Pricing& Packages

The shared offshore hosting plan at LibertyVPS starts from $4.99/month. You can choose a higher-value plan depending on your needs. Here are some other shared hosting plans:

LibertyVPS provides the user with a choice to select between two different hosting environments – Linux and Windows. The Linux offshore VPS hosting plans starts from $19.99 per month while the Windows offshore VPS hosting is little expensive costing $24.99 per month. The plans can be expanded depending on your necessity.

Final Say

I hope you liked LibertyVPS review described above. We have covered up all the important features of LibertyVPS and made it pretty clear why you should go with this offshore VPS hosting solution. You must try it for once and you won’t regret your decision in future. It is next to impossible thing to find such quality service at this price. LibertyVPS is the best at pricing and superb when it comes to the exclusive range of features. You can choose to go with it.

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