Ideal Marketing Campaigns for the Designing Company

The majority of the designing companies only choose digital marketing for all their marketing activities. That is why the digital marketers often get the projects in which different designing companies come up with different demands from the marketers. These demands are different from other businesses demands because marketing a service especially designing companies like logo design company in UAE is a lot different from marketing other businesses. That is why the digital marketers especially the new marketers struggle to create marketing campaigns which can fulfil all the objectives of the designing company.

In this article, I am going to tell you about those important things which I learned from some of the greats in the digital marketing industry which will help you in creating ideal marketing campaigns that will help you in achieving all the marketing goals.

The Business Model:

Even every beginner digital marketer knows about the business models which are B2B and B2C. The B2B is the business to business model in which a business sales its services or products to another business. This is also the business model of the designing companies. The designing companies get the projects from the different companies related to different industries who hire them for all their designing jobs. Being a marketer, it is your duty to know what kind of the design services your client company provide so you can start creating your marketing campaign by keeping it in mind.


Because every B2B business doesn’t have the large audience, that is why you can easily do the ethnography of that audience. You can take help from your other clients from different industry for your ethnography and can ask them what they want or would prefer while hiring any designing company for their designing jobs. Their answers and other data from the ethnography would help you a lot in your campaign creation.


One of the major problems that every marketer face while dealing with a designing company is to find their audience or targeted market. Because it is a B2B business that means you have to find the owners or the representatives of other businesses who would have the authority of hiring any company for their outsourced projects. The problem is, these people are scattered on different platforms. Some marketers stick to the Facebook for it because they think that just by targeting the people on the employment is enough to target them. However, they should also keep that thing in mind that the employees or even the owners of the businesses do not take such decisions like hiring any company for their outsourced projects on the Facebook.

For such things, they prefer to use the platform of LinkedIn which is much corporate culture friendly and have the more sophisticated audience at which people do believe and hire them too. That is why, next time when you have to create the marketing campaign of any designing company, you should consider incorporating LinkedIn instead of Facebook in your marketing campaign.


Another question that the digital marketer face while creating the campaign is choosing the methods of marketing. The SEO and PPC are two other options apart from social media marketing which you can also use for marketing. However, now you have to take the decision on the basis of the capital that the company is willing to invest that either you can go with the SEO which is organic dorm of marketing or the PPC which is a paid form and need heavy capital investment to run for the digital marketing.

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