How Contentmart helped me build my status as a content writer

Getting yourself known and certified for a particular profession is necessary. Usually, people are recognized for their professions with their certificates they get through their colleges and universities. However, when a content writer wants himself to be known, there is rarely any college or university who gives a verified writer status. But what if you earn a status of verified writer without having to attend a college or a university. You lead to building up your profile as a content writer and make your career. When it comes to working as a freelance writer, any person before assigning you the work looks for your past work. But what if you get a chance to show your client your status of being a verified writer. You manage to get projects very quickly.

Contentmart is one such platform that not just awards you with a verified writer status but also provides you with numerous clients looking for the potential content writers. Contentmart gave me an incredible platform to build my career as a freelance writer. I have a profile, a verification of my writing status as well as a number of clients offering work.

How you build a verified writer status

There are numerous steps one has to go through to create a good profile. In order to achieve a verified writer status, one has to strive for at least 10 orders, give the beginner, intermediate and advanced test, answer other tests that show your area of specialty, adding a number of samples, writing a new sample and a lot more. But once you are done, you can enjoy being a verified writer.

Build our profile to get more orders

To (or “intending to”) ensuring you are being awarded more number of orders, it is imperative to create a good profile. One does this by adding his areas of experience, expertise, and professionalism. Update the languages you know, give further tests to show your reliability to the client and make sure you complete all the orders on time as all your work reflects on your profile.

Benefits of being a verified writer

As I mentioned earlier, the verified writer status helped me choose a profession. I no more have to worry about having a certificate to be a professional writer. Contentmart helps me here. I have a good profile reflecting all my hard work and a number of orders being awarded by numerous clients through my profile. Thus, the major benefit I received through Contentmart is the ability to earn money sitting at home

Contentmart is one of the most reliable platforms to work on. It has served both, the writers as well as clients with their individual requirements allowing writers to earn and customers to get good quality content.

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