Digital Artists Need Great Tools: 3 Graphic Tablets That Really Help to Keep You Drawing

There are so many tablets designed for artists on the market today that many are finding it difficult to decide between them. The differences extend beyond style and screen size to features and functionality and what might work well for one artist may not for another. Nevertheless, the tablet has become a widely-used accessory for artists, with more variety of choice than ever before. Also, with the introduction of some really affordable tablets for drawing, there’s something to suit all budgets.

What to Consider before you Buy

Much depends on what kind of artwork you produce but generally, screen size is the biggest consideration. If you are involved in a lot of fine detail work, you’ll want a bigger screen with a good resolution for example. You also want to think about what you’ll need to connect your tablet to, whether a computer or camera and that there are the right ports to do so. Aside from price, your final consideration should be what kind of accessories you need. Do you want a stylus and if so, what size and weight is going to be the best for you to use?

To make things a little easier, here we look at just three of the best drawing tablets available to assist in your decision-making process.

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Wacom Intous Draw

Probably more suited to amateur and enthusiast artists, the Wacom Intuos Draw has some pretty simple features but at a price that’s really affordable. This is a new Intuos range of tablets from Wacom and it consists of four models: draw, art, photo and comic. The differences between the models rests in the software they’re bundled with and all models have the same price and specification. The active area is relatively small, making it probably more workable for more casual artists rather than professionals. It’s completely portable for those who need their tablet when on the move and its sleek design gives it an expensive feel that belies its affordable price.

Huion H610 Pro

The Huion H610 Pro is the brand’s leading product and is great for artists as it has a large active area of 10”x 6.25”. This tablet boasts 2048 levels of sensitivity to pen pressure which gives you a really responsive and natural control of transparency, color and line thickness. You can achieve some sophisticated designs using the Huion Pro and with 8 customized press keys along with 16 customized soft keys, you are in complete control of your creative experience, with increased efficiency too. It has a rechargeable pen that has as much functionality as a mouse and allows you to create with the freedom of using the tool.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Wacom is the undisputed king of the artists tablet and this mid-range model has some great features for budding artists through to professionals. It has an integrated display, which makes it easy to work and also delivers a really natural drawing experience that’s described as being pretty much the same as using a pen and paper. The Cintiq 13HD has a large 13-inch screen providing a sizeable work area and it is completely portable, weighing in at just over 2.5lbs.


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