Australian woman arrested in case of drug purchasing from dark web

After weeks of investigating the dark web associated crimes, the Australian authorities have made a significant breakthrough.

After weeks of spying on the criminals connected to the dark web drug trafficking, the Australian Border Patrol (ABP) have managed to arrest an unnamed woman who allegedly purchased MDMA and fentanyl from the deep web. The individuals caught connected to crimes related to drug would face severe action from the law, a police spokesperson warned.

It was also revealed that the police would be focusing their investigations through the dark web where most criminals operate with unchecked supervision in hopes of staying off the grid.

Post the arrest, the authorities want to focus on how the dark web plays a significant role in opening the door to drug related crimes. A partnership has been formed between the local police authorities and other international agencies and allies to track the cash flow through the dark web sites, and how this facilitates the sale of drugs in the international market.

A press release stated that the suspect was using Bitcoins for the transactions of drugs. The woman was using her computer at home for the same.

Cryptocurrencies pose a real concern to the law enforcement agencies when it comes to check the growth of drug sale in the dark net market. Currencies like Bitcoins, Litecoin and Monero are the most common cryptocurrencies used. In addition to this, there are several anonymity tools which people use to mask their trace on the dark net.

What’s the bigger picture?

The opioid sale and related transactions using cryptocurrencies are not new to the authorities and governments in other parts of the world. The United States have been at the thick of this fight against dark web drug sale, and the lawmakers have called for strict regulations on how these cryptocurrencies should function within the national boundaries.

Since cryptocurrencies are not backed and regulated by any of the national or central banks, they have become a means of facilitating illegal crimes.

The U.S. government has had denounced the value of crypto currencies, but has failed to take any further action of controlling its flow in the market. This is because this currency is virtual based flowing through online channels, which can often elude the authorities.

The US is facing a severe opioid epidemic as of right now. As per national statistics, over 2 million Americans are affected by opioids to such a level that they have become highly dependent on it. The death toll due to opioid overdose stood at 63,000 individuals in 2016.

The drug dealers have been using cryptocurrencies to avoid detection. The dark web is also being used as a platform for both national and international drug sales.

A follow up investigation revealed that Utah drug kingpin Aaron Shamo had amassed over 10 million in Bitcoins solely by the sale of opioids over the dark net.

The trouble beyond the boundaries

The trouble of the effects of drug sales is not just confined within the US and the western nations. Other nations like Australia and Asian countries have also joined this list. Recently, the South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-Yeon expressed his concerns that the youth of his nation were being lured into crime. He further lamented that the lucrative yet illegal use of cryptocurrencies in clearing the way for drug sales could cripple the economy of the nation.

What’s the way out?

The investigations run by the US, Korean and Australian agencies in the matter of how cryptocurrencies have become an insane craze in the business of the dark web will be taking a more intense form in the near future. The US is now focusing on insertion of undercover investigators into the dark web to pose as buyers and assist in the arrest of the culprits.

However, both the buyers and the dealers are becoming aware of the risks associated with this type of transaction with untrusted buyers. It is expected that both the buyers and dealers would be intensifying their bids to consolidate and strengthen their objectives.

But it is very clear that more and more nations are joining the fight to battle illegal activities facilitated through the dark web.

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