A beginners guide to sending your computer for repairs


  • Introduction

Knowing when to send your computer for repair is a difficult decision. Many people don’t realize that simple issues are often solvable on their own. Still, sometimes it is better to avoid any hurdles and send the computer for repair. Computers are a huge part of our day to day lives. It is very important to make sure they do not contain any sensitive information before sending them for repair. This post will review some important preparations before sending a computer for repair based on previous experiences of a computer & laptop repair company in Bristol.

  • Should you send it for repair?

Sometimes sending your computer for repair may not be necessary. It is possible to avoid many of the unnecessary costs associated with repair by solving the issue by yourself. Typically, Windows System Restore feature can solve most problems by restoring the computer’s files back to when they worked. Similarly, reinstalling the computer’s operating system can make it working like new. The internet also contains a lot of solutions to common computer problems. Sending a computer for repair often makes more sense if the computer’s issue is hardware, not software related.

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  • What should you do before sending it for repair?

Below are some important steps to take before sending your computer for repair.

  • Login & Password:

Removing stored login information should always take place before sending a computer for repair. Saved login information is easily accessible to any possible repair mechanic attempting to repair the computer. A simple way to remove saved login and passwords is from the internet browsers settings. Another option is using free cleaning software like CCleaner which can automate the process.

  • Uninstalling Software:

Having unnecessary software on a PC sent for repair can make a mechanic’s life more difficult. Make sure to remove any external programs so that they do not interfere with the repair process. Extra software can be uninstalled from the Control Panel in Windows or via the launchpad in MacOS.

  • Deleting History & Personal Files:

Removing personal history and files before sending a computer for repair is critical. Repair mechanics will have full access to all of the files on the computer and are able to steal or abuse them if they like. Removing personal files and history is possible via free cleaning software or simple deletion.

  • Backing Up Data / Saving Files Externally:

An excellent method to avoid losing personal data on a computer sent for repair is backup software. Repair mechanics may have to reset computers during the repair process making backing up data important. Both Windows and MacOS come built in with good backup and recovery tools.

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