4 Reasons why employing a Local SEO Company can help

Employing a local SEO company can help boost the outcome of the sales for an organization. Even if the organization is a big corporation, an SEO targeting the local area can be beneficial due to the demographics, culture and associated benefits that it offers. More and more companies have woken to this fact and started the practice. Hiring The Marketing Folks can help by putting up ads on the search engine and other digital marketing domains that are more popular in a particular area. We look at some other reasons how this operation can be useful for the businesses.  

  • Local customers need local business – Previously, it was always perceived that local customers need local business but there was no study to corroborate it. A research conducted by two well known portals, searchengineland.com and business2community.com substantiated this fact. The findings included that –
  • About 50% of the searches on Google are local in nature;
  • To find local business, 50% of local users take help of directories and search engines;
  • 96% of computer users do local searches;
  • A mammoth 78% local mobile internet searches happen before an offline buy.
  • Conversion rate of local advertising is more – Online directories like Foursquare and Yelp lists out the name of the business, contact details, mail id’s and other relevant information like a small description and the nature of the business. Working with a local SEO company can help as in any online search; the local directories are higher ranked on the first page of the result which yields more views and hence more traffic that is finally converted into more revenue for the company.
  • Superb return on the investment – The local customers can reach the business only when it is required by them. In the traditional method of advertising using leaflets and newspaper ads, it is not so. Hence, this is a highly efficient and economical method of advertising. The trend can be measured and analyzed and the local SEO firm can help tabulate it.  
  • A staggering 88% local consumers trust the online reviews – We all know that the word of mouth spreads fast, either positive or negative. Any business which is doing well online should request their trusted clients to leave a positive review on the site. It can do wonders to the business as due to local affiliations, more clients will definitely follow the lead that will help the business grow locally. It is always easy for a customer to get connected with a local source and hence the behavior.

Anyway, these benefits are not the only ones that can be expected of them. Hiring a local SEO company can aid in reaching the people more as newer studies show that local newspapers are losing readership considerably as a large chunk of the residents opt for the internet for any local news or information. These can definitely be called the key benefits that can be achieved by the getting a local SEO as they help to garner more views, volume & revenue keeping the local sensibilities and preferences in mind.

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