10 different types of jogger pants for men

The evolution of jogger pants is remarkable. From just the sweatpants you use it in your house to considering as a fashion apparel now, these pants have travelled a long way. Whether you are ready to just chill or hit the gym, there is just one solution to everything. For a lazy day, this is the perfect outfit. The upgraded material composition allows you to even go to the pubs and you will be looking pretty cool in this with perfectly teamed accessories. Even the sweats get locked so easily relieving you from the fear of getting embarrassed. Let us talk about the different types of jogger pants for men to look out for. Some of them will surely be your favourites.

Different types: Apart from the latest designs, the different styling pattern and fabrics gives it a unique look. The fit is also not compromised and its slimming down till the ankles is trendy enough.

  • Cotton jogger pants: As the name suggests, this type of fabric leaves you in the comfort genre all throughout the day. An ideal for an outing.
  • Sweatpants: This new definition of jogger pants keeps you at bay from the sweats during exercise and workout sessions.
  • Stadium jogger pants: Available in gray, green, brown and navy, this clothing line helps to maintain the rough and tough looks.
  • Chino jogger pants: Some brands have their unique collection of jogger pants with zipper line and side pockets with multitude of colours giving the traditional look.
  • Cargo jogger pants: A blend of cargo pants, sweatpants and chinos takes it to an all new level. Embedded with a drawstring, zip-fly and side pockets, this brings out the macho look in you. Team it with your favourite t-shirt from your clothing closet.
  • Deckhand jogger pants: Perfect weekend attire, available in olive and black, literally goes with all the multicoloured tees.
  • Slim classic sweatpants: Made up of thick cotton and can be used in sporty and adventourous trips, usually comes in olive, gray, navy and black.

  • Camo jogger: Who doesn’t love the military looks. The camouflage pattern is a style statement now and these joggers help you live your dream.
  • Therma sphere max pants: These are the one for carrying out your vigorous workout sessions. The sport material that is designed to keep you dry and cool at the same time. The sweat absorbing capacity makes you wear it till the night, maintaining the correct body temperature.
  • Cut and sew sweatpants: They look more like normal jeans with dark shades of colour. The cuts featuring the sewing details make it a worth buy.

Wearing the normal pants? Not anymore when the sweatpants have so many varieties, choosing one shouldn’t be a bigger problem. A jogger pant, with their different categories is the best attire to own one.

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